No Artwork? Try our FREE Creation Service

Cards Made Easy provide FREE Artwork Creation for customers who do not have their own artwork. Our expert team of pre-press professionals are on hand to create artwork for a wide range of products such as business cards, letterheads and compliment slips, all based on your instructions.

So you can create my design for me?

Yes, if you do not have your own artwork you can still order by sending us your written instructions and/or any files you do have. We send you a visual proof, giving you the opportunity to check the layout, details, and provide us with any changes you want us to make.

A basic business card layout

How do I take advantage of this service?

It's simple, use our standard order submission form to provide your written layout instructions, the textual details you would like printed on your item and any files you feel may help us create your design.

What are your standard artwork checks?

Even if you submit your own design, our team will check over your artwork before it is sent to print. Here is a brief list of the things we check:

Star bullet The trim size your artwork is set to. This will be the size your product is cut to once printed.

Star bullet The resolution of the imagery used on your artwork, if this is too low images can looked blurred and fuzzy.

Star bullet All colours within your artwork are checked for digital CMYK or Lithographic PANTONE© compatibility.

Star bullet When elements of your artwork have to be printed flush to the edge of your trim size, this is called bleed. Our team check your bleed settings are correct.

A trendy business card design