Business Card Materials & Finishing Options Explained

To help you make a better choice when considering which material you would like your business cards to be printed on, we have put together this handy guide to the materials and finishing options we offer.


Below is a comprehensive list of the materials Cards Made Easy can print onto.

Splendorgel Matt 340gsm

Our standard uncoated 340gsm card is a very popular material which gives a smooth matt finish. It has a brilliant white colour and is suitable for all sorts of business card designs.
Touch: Smooth, Colour: Brilliant White, Thickness: Medium.

Recycled 350gsm

Recycled papers are growing in popularity as more companies adopt environmentally responsible practices when buying products. Evolution 350gsm is uncoated giving your card an authentic recycled character.
Touch: Regular, Colour: White, Thickness: Medium.

Conqueror 350gsm

The business card material for the traditionalist. Slightly off-white, with a rougher finish, our Conqueror business cards ooze class and distinction, ideal for formal and high end business services.
Touch: Regular, Colour: Off-White, Thickness: Medium.

Immortal Plastic 450gsm

With the feeling of a traditional matt laminated card, our virtually indestructible Immortal plastic business cards are made from synthetic plastic fibres. Flexible, waterproof and tear-proof.
Touch: Smooth, Colour: White, Thickness: Medium.

Splendorgel Matt 400gsm

If you are looking for a premium material, our 400gsm Splendorgel adds thickness and rigidity to the smooth, brilliant white finish of our standard 340gsm. This material has the power to really impress your recipient.
Touch: Smooth, Colour: Brilliant White, Thickness: Thick.

A typical laminated business card

Conqueror 400gsm

This material is a bit special and combines the very best in paper manufacturing quality with a sturdy extra thick finish.
Touch: Regular, Colour: Off-White, Thickness: Thick.

Finishing Options

Below we have outlined the wide variety of finishing options we offer.

Rounded Corners

Adding round corners to your business card looks original and interesting but isn't expensive. The process involves cutting the square edges of your business card into a smooth rounded curve.
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Showing off our business card materials

Spot UV

When you add a spot UV to your card you are adding a varnish to specific areas of the design, resulting in a contrast of textures and finishes, very cool.
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An embossed business card has a raised or depressed pattern applied to it, which is applied using a punch. A traditional printing technique which is having a bit of a renaissance as companies strive to stand out from the crowd.
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Thermographic (Raised Print)

Known as a thermo, the process involves applying a special coating to the ink, whilst it is wet, resulting in a raised-feel once printed onto your business card.
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Gloss & Matt Lamination

Laminated business cards are durable and feel good to the touch, if you are looking to make an impact why not try our super glossy lamination. You can choose lamination at no extra cost.
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Foil Blocking

Foil blocking is the process of adding a metallic shape to any aspect of your business card design, this process can be especially powerful when used on your corporate logo.
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Folded Business Cards

With a larger printable area (90mm x 120mm), our folded business cards is perfect for organisations with a lot of information to list, they are also handy if you need to create appointment cards.
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