When It Comes To Business Cards, Go For the Unconventional, Says Printing Expert

cardsmadeeasy business card templateExperts at one of the UK's leading printing companies, CardsMadeEasy, have advised all those seeking a business card to opt for the unconventional and the creative. The business card is such a common entity that individuals need something which will help them stand out in a sea of basic name cards with job titles and email addresses. Whether opting for a crazy design, giving a card a functional twist or otherwise thinking outside the box, the director of CardsMadeEasy encourages all those looking for a business card to choose something that will set them apart. Neil Forrest, Managing Director of business printing supplier CardsMadeEasy, which provides promotional materials to a range of businesses across different industries, says, "The amount of business cards in circulation is staggering; the number printed daily across the globe exceeds 27 million, even in this so-called digital age. This means that those who are looking to create or design a new business card have a huge number of other cards to compete with, and must attempt to stand out against their rivals and competitors. Getting creative is the best way to do this, and creating a card which is slightly unconventional will make it as memorable as possible whilst still performing the task it needs to." One woman who worked for Lego decided that her business card should be a detailed representation of her job; she ordered a stack of personalised Lego characters and branded them with her name and contact details to ensure that her ‘business card' would never be forgotten by any recipient. It isn't every day you get handed a branded Lego character, and recipients will be sure to hang onto this novelty item to place on their desks or around their office. A bakery in America decided that, for a special event, they would create branded biscuits in the shape of business cards. Whilst these wouldn't last particularly long, or be considered a keepsake, they would surely attract the attention of many people attending the event and, depending on how delicious they were, people would remember the brand name of the bakery and be sure to think of them if they ever needed any similar catering provided. Similarly, a company which provided in-depth adventure training for clients going on dangerous holidays turned their business cards into organic beef jerky; an essential for those travelling light and a quirky idea that attracts a lot of attention. One business had the idea of creating their business cards in a way that was very unique to them; rather than going through a traditional printing company, they ordered their own personalised ink stamp with the business card layout, then hand-stamped each individual business card with the ink outline. This gave each one a more authentic, personal touch, and whilst it isn't a viable choice for many businesses who need to generate thousands of cards, it was an idea that typified the notion that thinking outside the box when it comes to business cards will get you noticed and attract a lot of customers.