Business Start Up Tips from CardsMadeEasy

Business Card Tips for Startups

Many entrepreneurs and professionals starting their own business for the first time will often state that getting their first batch of business cards printed was a moment they will never forget.

From that moment on, a person's status as the owner of a business is printed in black and white for them to hand out to all and sundry should they wish to. But the process of getting to this point is often a tricky one; it involves getting the design of the business card right, not to mention the countless other preparatory tasks that need to be carried out and confirmed before a business is launched. These top three tips for start-ups from Cards Made Easy can help to ensure that all those founding their own companies will remember their first business card for all the right reasons.

Tip 1: Get business cards before business starts

Even if the launch of the business is still a few months away, having a set of cheap printed cards at the ready can make it easier to connect and network with people who might make the whole process of a launch much easier. Prospective clients can be sourced even before the business is ready to go, and being able to keep in contact with people such as the press, investors, public relations experts and potential partners is vital. Meeting an important investor or a PR official who might want to represent the company can happen on the off-chance on any given day, and having to hastily scribble details down on a napkin rather than hand over a sleek business card can give them the wrong impression and start a business off on the wrong foot.

Tip 2: Keep cards simple...

Investing in business cards before the business is even turning a profit might sound risky, but the good news is that they don't have to be anything extravagant to start off with. A basic company logo with the simplest contact details and a website URL would suffice on a first business card, and there are plenty of business card printing companies who offer affordable deals on large batches of basic cards and stationery.

Tip 3: ... but give them personality

Keeping it relatively simple can often cross the fine line from ‘basic' into ‘boring'. Even when designing a first business card, it is important to inject a little personality and give the recipient an idea of the business that will soon be launched. A carpenter might benefit from a slight wood grain background to their business card, whilst someone opening a bakery or confectionery supply service can have fun with pastel colours and script-style fonts. The sky is the limit for those creating their first business cards; many online providers offer templates that can be altered to fit the bill to save on the cost of employing an external designer. To find out more about business printing services from Cards Made Easy, visit