CardsMadeEasy Prize Youth and Innovation as Sponsors of London Metropolitan University Student Enterprise Contest

London Met's 12th annual Big Idea Competition has a dynamic new sponsor and partner this year in the form of printing experts CardsMadeEasy, who will be lending their expertise to all participants, as well as a sets of high-quality printed business cards to the lucky winners of the prestigious contest. With investment in youth the main theme of the competition, CardsMadeEasy will be supporting the contest, and the participants, every step of the way, cementing their status as a unique printing company with an eye on the future of commerce and industry.

Business Card Sizes – Explained By The Experts

business cards in different sizesBusiness cards are renowned for their versatility, and their capacity to be adapted into any shape or size, but the vast majority of professionals like to stick with the standard, conventional business card size. This makes it easier to purchase holders to store them, it makes them easier to receive and to keep hold of, and it ensures that, in the case of a large business, all employee business cards have the same dimensions.

Why Business Cards Still Matter From the Online Leaders

Folded business card in bright coloursA professional printing company is urging more businesses and professionals to invest in business cards, flying in the face of all those who say that the future lies in digital means of communication. The experts from business card printing service, CardsMadeEasy, believe that tangible business cards can still do a lot of things that digital means of interaction cannot, and they are encouraging all businesses to take advantage of this traditional yet effective resource.

When It Comes To Business Cards, Go For the Unconventional, Says Printing Expert

cardsmadeeasy business card templateExperts at one of the UK's leading printing companies, CardsMadeEasy, have advised all those seeking a business card to opt for the unconventional and the creative. The business card is such a common entity that individuals need something which will help them stand out in a sea of basic name cards with job titles and email addresses. Whether opting for a crazy design, giving a card a functional twist or otherwise thinking outside the box, the director of CardsMadeEasy encourages all those looking for a business card to choose something that will set them apart.

Unusual Business Customs From Around The World

Taxi design round cornered business cardsDoing business abroad is now an incredibly popular move for many businesses looking to expand and grow. This leads to many trips to other countries, where the customs in regards to meetings, business card exchange and general commerce are very different from in the UK. It is vital for businesspeople to understand the customs of the country they are going to, so that they can leave a great impression on their hosts and hopefully do business with them again.

Deloitte Sets the Tone for Outsourcing Printing Services

There is still a place for traditional business cards in modern officesFinancial services company Deloitte have demonstrated to businesses that the outsourcing of printing services to specialist providers can dramatically reduce printing costs whilst providing high-quality documents. After an audit of the firm's printing output which outlined the restrictions placed on staff when using the current in-house printing system, Deloitte outsourced their print management needs and saw a 20% reduction in needless paper consumption, a higher quality of document output and significantly reduced printing costs across the board.

The Principles of Designing a Business Card

Make your cards work for you with these tipsWhen designing a business card, there are a few important factors to bear in mind in order to ensure that they will be as effective, attractive and impactful as possible. There are four basic principles for all designers to bear in mind when they are drawing up the plans: alignment, contrast, proximity and repetition. This handy guide can help those creating their own business cards to understand the key features of their design, and can help those outsourcing their business card design to better understand their designers when they discuss things such as strategic alignment and white space.

Business Card Tips for Startups

Many entrepreneurs and professionals starting their own business for the first time will often state that getting their first batch of business cards printed was a moment they will never forget. From that moment on, a person's status as the owner of a business is printed in black and white for them to hand out to all and sundry should they wish to.

Innovative Business Card Ideas

Aside from communicating important contact details, one of the prime functions of a business card is to be as eye-catching and innovative as possible. In a sea of replicas and lookalikes, it can be difficult to make a business card stand out as it should, but using a little creativity and imagination can go a long way.

Return To Traditional Promotional Methods with Printed Business Cards

All of the traditional paper prints are known to be in rapid decline. Physical book sales have been diving in recent years in favour of the e-book. Newspapers and magazines now have online editions which can be viewed without subscription and at any time of the day or night.

Promotional Guide for 2013: Part One

The New Year is now upon us and many businesses have already coordinated their marketing strategies for the next twelve months. From strategic door-drops of promotional leaflets and flyers, to sending out online newsletters and exclusive offers to mailing lists, each month will have a specific aim and will need a different approach to meet targets. This two-part guide outlines a basic suggestion for promotional activity in the first half of 2013 with major holidays noted and preparation for the future included.

Event Promotion: Part One – Promotion Using Flyers & Leaflets

In such difficult economic times, it is more important than ever for businesses and companies to get people into their stores, taking advantage of their offers and paying for their services. There are many ways in which this can be done, but one of the most popular is hosting an event; be it an open day, a fete or a special sale, these occasions can get customers through the door and reaching for their wallets at a time when everyone's personal economy needs a boost.