Is Quality Printing A Reflection On A Business?

Business Cards54% of people surveyed in research by Intuit say they believe that the quality of a business' printed materials, including promotional documents, business cards and in-house stationery, is a direct reflection on a business itself. If a business has coherent and well-designed printed materials, with a consistent brand across all elements, people are more likely to have a positive opinion of a business, as opposed to a badly-designed stack of literature, which will give the idea that the business is poorly-run. Neil Forrest, Managing Director of CardsMadeEasy, one of the UK's premier business printing services, says, "Print quality is important in projecting a great image for a business. Cards which are poorly-laid out, badly designed, printed on substandard materials and with low-quality ink reflects directly onto a business, especially in the eyes of more than half of those surveyed. Printed materials are often the first impression prospective clients get about a business, so it is crucial for them to give all the right signals, or risk being consigned to the bin, along with the business' hopes of attaining a new client." So what should businesses be looking for in high-quality printing services? One of the first elements to focus on is the quality of the paper. When people receive printed flyers, business cards and other materials, they can immediately tell how much has been invested into the materials simply by the way the card feels in their hand. Flimsy, lightweight cards will portray a business that cares little about its promotional items, and by extension their clients. The businesses which offer people high-quality, thick paper, with a gloss or matte finish, are the businesses more likely to gain clients as a result of their materials. Using recycled paper is also a great way to win over clients; many people nowadays understand the importance of sustainable, eco-friendly policies within businesses, and they are more likely to get involved with a business that reflects their own environmentally conscious values. The second element to give real thought to is the actual design of the materials. Much has been said about making a business card, flyer or brochure stand out, but some end up standing out for all the wrong reasons. An amateurish design, a poor layout or even an odd colour scheme can immediately put clients off. All promotional materials should also have a running theme. Without consistent branding through all materials, clients can get confused and there will not be a strong brand message coming through. Consistency can be created in fonts, colour schemes, phrases and logos, and it should be embraced as a way to create a coherent thread across everything within a business. These little features and elements of printed materials will help to reflect highly on a business, and attract many more clients.