Deloitte Sets the Tone for Outsourcing Printing Services

There is still a place for traditional business cards in modern officesFinancial services company Deloitte have demonstrated to businesses that the outsourcing of printing services to specialist providers can dramatically reduce printing costs whilst providing high-quality documents. After an audit of the firm's printing output which outlined the restrictions placed on staff when using the current in-house printing system, Deloitte outsourced their print management needs and saw a 20% reduction in needless paper consumption, a higher quality of document output and significantly reduced printing costs across the board. "Deloitte is one of the leading financial services companies in the world, and its outsourcing of print services is an example for many smaller businesses looking to emulate part of their success," says Neil Forrest, of printing experts Cards Made Easy. "The benefits of outsourcing this type of services are clear for all to see, with a number of distinct advantages over in-house printing." The example set by this leading company should be enough to convince any business that outsourcing printing to external organisations is the way forward. However, for those who remain unconvinced, there are a number of other advantages to consider. In-house printing can mean that money is spent frivolously; too many unneeded devices are running, wasting electricity and resources, and staff spending time replacing ink or fixing basic printer issues can mean a lot of valuable man-hours lost. If a specialist printing device needs extensive maintenance or repair and is out of action for a week, marketing schemes and promotional pushes can fall behind, meaning further expense and time wasted. Outsourcing to a dedicated printing service removes these issues entirely from the workplace; whether it is for flyers and leaflets or professionally designed business cards and brochures, outsourcing printing services to a specialist provider can free up resources, money and time for the whole workforce. Mangers can more efficiently keep track of budgets and how much is being spent on such resources, and they can better manage elements such as cash flow. With the reduction in wastage and a smaller number of devices running in the workplace, businesses can also benefit from the eco-friendly implications. Not only will their electricity and supply costs decrease, they will also be able to potentially attract new clients with claims of sustainable working processes and an environmentally responsible ethos. Many consumers rank this as a vital consideration when they purchase certain products nowadays, and the ‘green' credentials of a business might just sway a consumer's decision away from a rival company. Expert printing companies can also offer businesses access to services and products they generally might not be able to utilise when carrying out all their printing in-house. From complex print devices with incredibly fast turnaround, to a number of specialist materials for flyers or printed business cards, dedicated print companies will often have higher quality resources than those in an ordinary workplace, and will be better placed to make marketing and promotional schemes appear as professional as possible.