Why Business Cards Still Matter From the Online Leaders

Folded business card in bright coloursA professional printing company is urging more businesses and professionals to invest in business cards, flying in the face of all those who say that the future lies in digital means of communication. The experts from business card printing service, CardsMadeEasy, believe that tangible business cards can still do a lot of things that digital means of interaction cannot, and they are encouraging all businesses to take advantage of this traditional yet effective resource.

The evolution of printed business cards

Neil Forrest, Director of CardsMadeEasy, says, "The business card is no longer simply just a card with a name and a phone number printed on it. Business cards have a multitude of purposes, and they are being created with an ever-increasing aura of creativity and inspiration, that is encouraging people to think outside the box. Digital cards or ways to communicate contact details cannot yet offer this level of personalisation and expression of self, and we are urging all professionals, employees and businesses to splash out on business cards that truly make an impact and function as a real, physical extension of themselves."

What are the advantages of business cards over the traditional functions?

Business cards boast the unique advantage of being able to function as a number of other useful tools or resources. One very basic way of ensuring that a business card stands out is to print something practical on the reverse; a ruler or a calendar for instance. The more creative you get, the better. An Italian restaurant, a freelancer chef or a catering company could turn their business card into a miniature cheese grater. A company with very prominent green values could print their business details on a packet of seeds; if planted, the recipient would think of the brand every time they looked at their new plants. One bike shop in Canada boasted a metal business card which featured a spoke and bolt adjuster; perfect for those who find themselves in bike difficulty on the go. The card in its previous incarnation featured a puncture patch card, ensuring beyond failure that the recipient would hang onto the card if they were an avid cyclist and among their target market. A number of cosmetic companies have also embedded mirrors into their business cards, meaning that every time they pull the card from their purse to check their mascara or to apply some lipstick, they will be face to face with a certain brand of make-up.

The Printed Card Re-Imagined

Then there are the tricks that are less practical and more memorable. One divorce lawyer in America had a business card perforated down the middle, so it could easily be ripped into two; a powerful metaphor for someone who specialised in marriage breakdown. A judge campaigning to become a judicial district court judge printed her business card in the shape of a fly-swatter; a metaphor to suggest that swatting flies (and criminals) was her forte. Private detectives go for matchbooks masquerading as business cards, whilst tech start-ups and many of the new-fangled companies which develop apps have developed a formula to fold a business card into a holder for earbuds. These are all things that could not be accomplished with a card in a digital format, cementing the humble business cards' place in the heart of commerce and business for the foreseeable future.