Is Your Business Card On-Trend?

business card templateBusiness cards are still seen as incredibly relevant by business and by consumers, partly because of their ability to adapt and change with the times, conforming to popular trends set by market leaders. As one of the most popular methods of communication around today, and as a tool which has been around for hundreds of years, the business card is obviously going to undergo slight changes and amendments in order to stay fresh. New materials, exciting fonts, colour schemes or other creative methods of exchanging information on business cards have constantly been introduced, and the traditional business greeting or exchange of contact details has retained its status as one of the most important ways to showcase your credentials and your brand in the world of business. Neil Forrest, Director of CardsMadeEasy, one of the UK's largest printing companies specialising in business cards and other printed materials, says, "Business card trends regularly change as they attempt to stay ahead of the game. Whether people are using different materials, changing the layout of their cards or opting for a certain type of printing method, these changes are necessary to keep business cards relevant and current as the digital world changes all around them." One of the biggest trends in business cards in recent years has been a minimalistic look. With negative space and no overuse of words or images, minimalism is the perfect design choice for more luxury brands and high-end services. Monochrome and script fonts are perfect to achieve this look, and they are also very cheap to create; as long as the design is good, none of the components are too expensive, though high-quality paper would go a long way to giving this look an extra dash of luxury. This type of design is ideal for companies who don't want to spend too much on their business cards, but want a look befitting of a high-end business. For businesses which can afford to put extra funds into their business cards, there are a number of material options which are also providing very popular. These designs work best when they are somehow related to the business the card is promoting; for example, a tailor or seamstress could stitch their contact details on to a patch of patterned materials, a baker or confectionary company could print their information onto a reinforced piece of edible paper, while an artist or interior decorator could use colour charts as a way to impart their contact details. Using different materials is a surefire way to get noticed and is a common trend among those who want to splash out.