How to design the perfcet logo for your printing materials

Top tips for the do’s and don’ts of classy logo design in flyers

How to design the perfcet logo for your printing materialsA logo is like any other piece of marketing material: with flyers it’s of vital importance to project the right image and to do so within a few seconds of attention span. It may sound obvious but for this reason alone, when using the logo on flyer printing, keep it simple.
You absolutely must get the viewer’s attention and give them something of focus and memory to succeed. Go to any event where there are business flyers and test this for yourself: you are likely to see many logos from this ‘no, no’ list below.

  • Photographers in particular often use photography on logos, mistakenly thinking they will impress. The logo is distracting and off putting, business desperate image.
  • Marginally worse, especially on promotional flyers, is the use of an image for the logo, either a person from real life, unless it is a celeb event, or a model
  • There are those who think the logo is enhanced by a rainbow of colour transitions. Company under an illusion.
  • Some like to think they can adorn their logo with lots of overwhelming decorations to catch the eye in a big way. It will send the eye off to the nearest competitor
  • You see a business flyer with complicated imagery and you can’t see a name or contact detail? They think the message is clever; no, it’s messy and misleading.
  • Here come the logos that look remarkably similar to a previous 5000 flyers by another company. This business has no creative flair, you’ll get something copied.
  • The odd, irrelevant logo image: sun, moon or stars or a cow, pig or sheep. Now this is ‘trying its best’: avoid as amateur and gimmicky.

Then go to another event: how many from this list do you see, a definite yes, yes.

  • A business flyer with an intelligent, neat logo linking effortlessly with the business name, looks like a business who know what they are about; you’re in reliable hands.
  • Then there is the one you see that has been given an input of future thought. Wow! This business is innovative, fresh, a modern leader, go for it.
  • Aah, at last, the simple logo. This spells out the message of a highly organized business; it avoids complex jargon, and is professional. Sounds good.
  • This one here looks interesting: colours blend so well. There is a subtle artistic slant to this business, they will offer sound advice and guidance, great stuff.
  • Here comes the designs that drop into your hand with a crisp, clean look, no gawdy colour mixes on the logo. A reliable, efficient image springs to mind with crystal clear fees.
  • Ooh, a high quality logo that looks adaptable for business cards, website et al: a business for all seasons, flexible, good on compromise, great; I’ll keep this flyer.