Promotional Guide for 2013: Part One

The New Year is now upon us and many businesses have already coordinated their marketing strategies for the next twelve months. From strategic door-drops of promotional leaflets and flyers, to sending out online newsletters and exclusive offers to mailing lists, each month will have a specific aim and will need a different approach to meet targets. This two-part guide outlines a basic suggestion for promotional activity in the first half of 2013 with major holidays noted and preparation for the future included. January - March Promotional activity in this month can use the momentum created from December and the Christmas rush to boost profits. The January sales are a tradition in the UK, and many companies or businesses offer their clients and customers various discounts in order to encourage people to begin spending after the huge outlay that Christmas often requires. Reduced prices or strategic offers can increase customer interest, and they can be promoted using printed leaflet door-drop methods which specifically state the end date of these offers. Retail gains are often down in the month of February, which offsets the gains that are regularly made in December and January. Valentine's Day is a very popular commercial holiday that can help to bolster the profits made in the month of February, although it is not suitable for all types of business. Boutiques, bakeries, beauty spas and restaurants tend to excel in the month of February, while more industrial trades may find themselves needing to invest in more promotional materials such as flyers or printed leaflets in order to generate interest. March often heralds the end of winter and the beginning of spring, sparking a surge in ‘end of season' sales and stock clearances to prepare for new lines arriving in store. Spring cleaning is also popular tradition at this time of year, and home improvements or renovations are often undertaken; small businesses specialising in taking on DIY jobs or redecorating homes have the opportunity to take on a lot of business in this month. Distributing printed flyers from an online flyer printing service in a city or town centre on a busy shopping day can alert people to stock clearances at certain times, with units staying open for an extra hour or opening early on a weekday to cope with the extra demand. April – June April 22nd 2013 marks the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, an event which is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement. Use this month to show off a company's green credentials and attract more custom from those interested in converting to energy-efficient businesses. Holding a recycling event for customers to come and recycle old goods for store credit or one-off discount can attract many new customers, while publicising the installation of a new solar energy system or green power method using promotional flyers can boost the reputation of a company. May traditionally sees two bank holidays fall within just a few weeks of each other; in 2013 they fall on the 6th and the 27th of the month. The bank holiday sale is a popular way of getting customers through the doors on a specific day, but many businesses choose to go one step further, holding their own unique bank holiday events. Restaurants and local cafes hire entertainment and invite locals to enjoy a special new menu, retail outlets host an event which will see an expert in the field give a seminar or host a Q&A, and tradesmen can offer package deals for those wishing to make the most of the free time afforded over the bank holidays. June heralds the beginning of summer, and sees many businesses implement summer-themed ways in which to attract new customers and improve sales. Sending a representative for the company into a shopping centre or busy high street with free samples or tasters is a great way for customers to cool off and treat themselves on a hot Saturday, and handing out printed leaflets simultaneously means they have something to take away and look back on with information about the product. Summer events and fairs also start in the month of June, weather depending, so businesses who take a stall to these types of events can also experiment with ways to keep their customers cool while promoting their products or services.