Event Promotion: Part One – Promotion Using Flyers & Leaflets

In such difficult economic times, it is more important than ever for businesses and companies to get people into their stores, taking advantage of their offers and paying for their services. There are many ways in which this can be done, but one of the most popular is hosting an event; be it an open day, a fete or a special sale, these occasions can get customers through the door and reaching for their wallets at a time when everyone's personal economy needs a boost. But of course, an event needs to be marketing in the right way, and raising awareness in the right way can be done through the utilisation of the simple printed flyer or leaflet. Basic, budget-friendly and effective, the humble printed leaflet is still a force in the world of promotion and marketing, and is the perfect way to spread the word about a special event. CardsMadeEasy is an online leaflet printing service which specialises in providing printed leaflets and flyers for any purpose, with a range of customisation options to ensure perfect promotional materials and a successful event. The design of a flyer promoting an event should be in keeping with the already established brand. Using the house style which has been seen on previous printed leaflets is advisable, and if this is the first leafleting campaign the company has undertaken, ensuring that the document is consistent with the business' ethos is vital. If the event is a special open day for a salon or spa, think flowery language, elegant script and a muted colour scheme. For a trendy bar hosting a cocktail-tasting evening, choose punchy colours and clear, coherent fonts. The printed flyers or leaflets can be delivered from door to door within the local area, or left in places that would attract an appropriate client base. For a charity bake-off, organised by a local bakery or catering company, leaving the flyers in a post office and a few local newsagents would be beneficial in attracting those who would be most interested. For a clothing drive or similar collection event, it may be advantageous to deliver the leaflets directly to people's doors, along with a list of the appropriate items to bring along.   CardsMadeEasy's large selection of leaflets and flyers can serve all of these purposes, with many different options to guarantee that the event will get the greatest amount of exposure possible. From folded A4 leaflets to convenient A6 printed flyers, there is a promotional solution for every business, to draw in the crowds and allow for a successful and profitable day.