CardsMadeEasy Prize Youth and Innovation as Sponsors of London Metropolitan University Student Enterprise Contest

London Met's 12th annual Big Idea Competition has a dynamic new sponsor and partner this year in the form of printing experts CardsMadeEasy, who will be lending their expertise to all participants, as well as a sets of high-quality printed business cards to the lucky winners of the prestigious contest. With investment in youth the main theme of the competition, CardsMadeEasy will be supporting the contest, and the participants, every step of the way, cementing their status as a unique printing company with an eye on the future of commerce and industry.

Promotional Guide for 2013: Part One

The New Year is now upon us and many businesses have already coordinated their marketing strategies for the next twelve months. From strategic door-drops of promotional leaflets and flyers, to sending out online newsletters and exclusive offers to mailing lists, each month will have a specific aim and will need a different approach to meet targets. This two-part guide outlines a basic suggestion for promotional activity in the first half of 2013 with major holidays noted and preparation for the future included.