Print Christmas Cards for All Corporate Needs

Personalised corporate Christmas cardsA survey in the US has found that certain types of Christmas greetings cards can have a positive effect on how the business is perceived by the recipient. 55% of humorous printed Christmas greetings cards dispatched by businesses to their clients or partners resulted in a more positive perception of the company, and that cards account for 49% of all gifts given by businesses over the festive period. CardsMadeEasy, the business printing service, are helping businesses in the UK to make the most of this positive reception with a newly launched range of personalised Christmas cards. With 47 designs to choose from in various different styles and themes, as well as the option to upload your own personal designs and have them printed as business cards, businesses all over the UK now have a cost-effective and easy solution to their corporate gift-giving woes, which will statistically help improve perceptions of themselves.

Why send corporate Christmas cards?

Neil Forrest, Online Sales Director of CardsMadeEasy, says, "Businesses can send out a great message about themselves while they send out their Christmas cards if they get the tone just right. A perfectly pitched humorous message to clients, a cause-related card or an eco-friendly Christmas message can greatly increase the perception of a business and even increase client numbers as their existing clients pass on recommendations. Our range of varied Christmas cards and the option to upload a personal design gives businesses the platform to create the card they think will have the greatest impact with their clients and partners, in cost-effective way that doesn't compromise on quality." Sending Christmas cards to clients is a great way to reignite an interest in a company, especially if their custom has waned recently. Printing a special offer on the inside of a Christmas card can see huge response rates as existing clients attempt to cut down their budgets in the wake of the costly festive season, so offering a way back in can pay dividends for a business looking to lure clients back in.

What are the benefits of personalised cards?

The sending of personalised corporate Christmas cards to partners and affiliates is also important during the festive season. It ensures that relations are cordial and well-meaning, and reinforces the relationship between two companies or organisations. Many businesses cannot afford to indulge in expensive corporate gifts that they can send to their partners, but a well-meaning Christmas card with a personal, hand-written message on the inside can be just as effective in terms of extended traditional festive greetings.