Why SMEs Won't Give Up On Print Media

Business Start Up Tips from CardsMadeEasyWorldwide statistics prove that SMEs across the globe are still using print media as part of their everyday operations. The demise of print in favour of digital media has been vastly overrated, as proven by the fact that that 45 trillion promotional pages are printed annually, with over 28 million business cards printed on a daily basis. Indeed, if you lined up the business cards which are printed annually across the world, they would reach to the moon and back. Business printing has been steadily growing by 6.8% year on year across the globe, and print has been proven to drive commerce in a way that digital promotions haven't yet managed. Neil Forrest, Director of CardsMadeEasy, the business printing experts, says, "There is no doubt that digital promotions will become more and more prominent in the future, but the world of business printing is still incredibly strong. Businesses are still utilising print media to an incredibly high level, with great success rates. If it's not broke, don't fix it; many organisations, though in agreement that they will be switching to digital promotional methods at some point in the future, are choosing to stick to the methods that they know will work for them." Printed flyers, leaflets, brochures and business cards all have a prominent role to play in promotion for many SMEs. They are cheaper to design and obtain than many digital services, and they are very simple to distribute. Effects can be almost instantaneous, whereas with digital promotions, it can take a while for the campaign to find its legs. It is said that direct mail brings in 78% of all donations for non-profit organisations, and according to statistics accumulated in a recent infographic, email marketing response rates have declined dramatically while direct mail has seen a boost. Around 80% of households tend to read, or at least scan the advertisements that are delivered to them in the post, and the sharing statistics are also impressive. 23% of people save print articles and media they think might be useful in the future, whilst 24% share the promotional materials that they believe might be of interest to friends or family members. Handing out printed business cards is said to produce a 2.5% increase of business, on average, and according to figures in the US, the most effective print campaigns can generate a return of around 1,300%. The figures cannot be ignored, and they are the main reason why many SMEs are sticking with their print media methods. It is a method that they understand inside out, they know this endeavour works for them and their pursuit of digital media will continue to be put off while they still find incredible success with their traditional methods.