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Unique Business Card Design Ideas for Your Business – Episode 7: Tattoo Artists and Tax Accountants

Following on with our ‘Unique Design Ideas' series, this week we've chosen to focus on tattoo artists and tax accountants. Can you think of any two professions that could be further apart? We didn't think so! While tattoo artists thrive on creativity, high energy working environments and push the boundaries of social norms, tax accountants are all about professionalism, practicality and adherence to the law. Yet one thing they do have in common is a need for eye catching business cards. Read on for advice from the experts!

Business Cards for Tattoo Artists

Tattoo artists have chosen one of the few career paths that turn art and creativity into a fully-fledged profession. As such, their business cards should ooze originality, inspiration and excitement that captivates the attention of their clients. The business cards of tattoo artists should feature arresting images that capture the imagination and offer a good representation of what sort of service they offer. If a tattooist specialises in a certain type of style or art, they should flaunt it when they design a business card. For example, those with a stunning portfolio of pinups and vintage designs shine the spotlight on these sorts of images. Many people choose to feature a single striking design on the front of the card and reserve the back of the card for further wording and details. Bold typography and vibrant colours are a winning choice as they will instantly demand the attention of potential clients and make the design stand out from any other cards that they may have collected. As the target demographic of tattoo artists is generally the younger generation, it's definitely a good idea to include links to social media accounts. Even something as simple as a Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest logo will encourage card holders to search for the business next time they're online. Business Cards for Tax Accountants As the masters of all things money, the business card of a tax accountant should emit a sense of professionalism, competency and organisation. Clean lines and a sleek design should reign supreme while the colour scheme should be simple yet eye catching. Choosing one colour and featuring it throughout the card will help keep the look constant and professional. Shades of dark blues, maroon and greens are popular choices for accountants that want their business cards to exude competence and expertise. As far as details go, it's important to state any particular areas of specialisation and impressive qualifications as well as the card holder's name, phone number and email address. If there is adequate space, an address can also be included however this is not essential. The thickness and quality of the card is extremely important as this will foster first impressions and help establish the tax accountant as someone who can be trusted with a client's hard earned cash. When choosing a font size, make sure it is easily readable for people over the age of 50. While some business cards catering to younger audiences get away with squeezing a lot of information onto their cards, tax accountant want to ensure all their information is readable by a young and older demographic. To add extra value, why not try including handy tax tips such key tax filing dates? This will help establish an impression of value and goodwill and encourage clients to share the card with others.