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Unique Business Card Design Ideas for Your Business – Episode 6: Personal Trainers and Pet Specialists

In a continuation of our ‘Unique Design Ideas' series, we're focusing on pet specialists and personal trainers. These two career paths couldn't be more different from one another – personal trainers are renowned for their no-nonsense demeanour and incredible fitness goals, while pet specialists like dog walkers and cattery owners are often more warm and approachable. Check out the design advice from the experts!  

Business Cards for Personal Trainers

During their sessions they're tough and mean, pushing clients to the limit and helping them to achieve fitness targets they might not have managed on their own. But outside of the gym, personal trainers need to develop a wide network of contacts and potential clients. A business card is a must for freelance personal trainers, but how do you walk the line between mean, lean fitness machine and approachable fitness guru? All good business cards act a paper representation of their owner. If you've built up your reputation on being a no-nonsense boot camp expert that gets results every time, your business card should reflect that, with bold, imposing fonts and a strict colour scheme. However, if your approach is a little more friendly, with fitness seminars, nutrition guides and an perhaps and emphasis on spirituality and yoga, you might try a pastel colour scheme or an inspirational message to help recipients decide what type of fitness expert you are. The field of personal training and fitness gurus is also saturated with freelancers. To set yourself apart from the crowd, not only do you need to have a snazzy, eye-catching business card, you also need to list your credentials. What qualifications do you have? Are you an accredited instructor? Perhaps you've got a degree in nutrition or you've been on an acclaimed fitness website as a featured expert. Give potential clients a reason to give you a call!  

Business Cards for Pet Specialists

The field of pet care is broad and vast. From dog walkers and catteries to training camps and pet-specific grooming parlours, there are dozens of career paths that are followed by animal lovers everywhere. The business card of someone who looks after, grooms or trains pets has to be slick and professional, while also maintaining a friendly and warm vibe. When it comes to choosing a cattery or a dog walker to spend quality time with a pet and care from them when the owner can't, people want approachable individuals that know when to switch on the professional side. Where colour schemes are concerned, don't choose anything too violent or vibrant. Red and deep purple are sure to set alarm bells ringing. Pastel pink or baby blue would be great for a grooming salon, and green is a very calming, trustworthy colour that would be ideal for a dog walking business. Like personal trainers, people working with animals should also make the effort to emphasise their credentials. Nobody wants to go on holiday and leave their beloved feline with someone with no experience of animal care. If you have a lack of official qualifications, listing information about volunteering with animals, working with charities or other experience in the same line of work is very reassuring for pet owners. To summarise: be friendly, approachable and trustworthy, but make sure that you list the reasons why they should choose you to care for what many consider to be an extra family member.