Unique Business Card Design Ideas for Your Business – Episode 5: Web Developers and Writers

In a continuation of our ‘Unique Design Ideas' series, we're focusing on writers and web developers this week! We've deliberately chosen two career paths that involve freelancers and contracted employees to give you a real feel for the diverse design choices that can be made in these fields. Read on for crucial business card design advice from the printing gurus!  

Business Cards for Web Developers 

The design gurus of the online world are almost expected to have the snazziest business cards out there. Web developers are the people responsible for slick website layouts and cool new fonts – therefore, their business card has to be something pretty special to make their peers sit up and take notice. While web design and paper illustration are often worlds apart, web developers must attempt to go cross-platform and showcase their design nous on paper, rather than on a web page. One of the most important things for a web developer to do when they design a business card is to think outside of the box. In an industry where creativity is king, they need to show off their versatility and demonstrate just how original they really are. This could mean different-shaped cards, diverse materials, a business card that has multiple uses – the sky is the limit. The business card could double up as a piece of origami, it could be carved from wood, it could be in the shape of a mouse, or it could come with a USB flash drive attached with a portfolio of work. For some of the most creative beings on earth, the only rule when it comes to creating a business card is to make it as daring and original as possible.  

Business Cards for Writers

Networking is such a crucial part of a freelance writer's life, whether they're a budding screenwriter, a poet or a journalist. Business cards for writers, therefore, needs to be the epitome of eye-catching, while also showcasing creativity and demonstrating professionalism. Sounds tough, right? The first thing a writer should do is make use of all the space that they have. With one side of the business card dedicated to their contact details, they could use the flipside to display their author bio, a short extract from a book or a neat poem about networking, sure to make the recipient smile. Writers should also use their skills to incentivise further contact. What if you offered a link to a free e-book for all those that enter their email address on your site? Or how about putting a template on your website for people to make their own personalised bookmark? Better yet, you could turn your own business card into a bookmark to ensure that recipients will hang on it. As with all career paths where the benchmark for creativity is extremely high, it's important to stand out from the crowd, but also to demonstrate reliability and professionalism. Nobody wants to employ a writer with a dynamite business card, but no regard for deadlines!