Unique Business Card Design Ideas for Your Business – Episode 1: Bakers and Bankers

In the first of a new series at CardsMadeEasy, we are offering design tips and inspiration for people in very specific industries who are looking to create themselves a new business card. Over the coming weeks we will be focusing on everything from accountants to zoologists, and all that comes in between. This post is specifically for the bakeries and the bankers out there looking to give their personal business card a bit of va-va-voom.   Bakeries When it comes to bakery business cards, it is all about making your design look as mouth-watering and delicious as your products! There are generally two types of bakery business card design – sweet and fluffy, or high-end and luxurious. The sweet, fluffy style cards often feature a predominantly pink colour scheme, with cute graphics and script fonts, while the more luxurious bakeries opt for monochrome or muted beige colour schemes with few illustrations. The trick with these business cards is to identify your core client base and adapt your design to fit. If you offer decadent, deluxe creations and you cater to high-end corporate events, weddings, parties and other such occasions, consider choosing elegant-looking fonts and leaving the cartoon cupcakes out. But if your target audience is, perhaps, young women stopping off mid-way through a shopping spree for a delicate little cupcake, go for cute, kitsch illustrations all the way!   Bankers The business cards of financial advisors and those that work in the banking industry could not be any more different to those of catering professionals. Where bakers must cultivate a desire for sugary treats and focus purely on the presentation and design, a banker's card must exude reliability, sincerity and authenticity. The focus here will be more on the qualifications and the job title, rather than the colour scheme and the illustrations. When designing a more serious, formal business card, fonts are an important consideration. Serif fonts are generally seen as much more sincere and official than sans-serif fonts, so these make the perfect choice for the business card of a financial advisor. Colour schemes here should be absolutely minimal. Move away from fancy shades of green and purple, and stick to a monochromatic scheme with one primary accent colour for a little interest. You'd be surprised how efficient a greyscale business card can be at creating an aura of authority and trust – colour often appears trivial and can spoil official, formal that the designer is striving for.