Seven Deadly Sins of Business Cards

The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Cards

When it comes to designing and distributing a dynamic new business card that will stop everyone in their tracks, there are numerous unwritten rules that you should abide by. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to stick to these guidelines, and they end up falling victim to the Seven Deadly Sins of business cards. Read on to discover whether you are making any of these unfortunate business card faux-pas.

 1.   Envy

You will encounter business cards as part of your daily routine, and seeing other people's exciting designs can make you itch to change your own into something more like theirs. Don't be tempted to compromise your brand's image to pursue something ‘cool' or something that another brand is doing. Stick to your guns; if you know your brand inside-out, you will be able to choose a design that represents the brand and is an extension of yourself.

2.   Pride

Don't be too proud to accept business card advice or feedback. If someone tells you that the font on your business card is difficult to read, or they had trouble deciphering your email address because of the colours used, head back to the drawing board and make the necessary changes. All feedback is good feedback, if you channel it constructively.

3.   Wrath

Wrath can manifest in traits and emotions like impatience and selfishness. If you've handed out twenty business cards and are getting frustrated and impatient, just wait it out a little longer. The twenty-first person you had out your card to could call you back immediately. Similarly, don't be selfish and keep your business card to yourself. You may have spent a lot getting the design and printing of the cards just perfect, but hesitance in handing them out will get you nowhere! Don't be selfish – share your card with the world.

4.   Sloth

You moved to a bigger premises, you've changed your email address or you've updated your Twitter handle and you haven't added any of these details to your business card. The result? You may as well be handing out a blank piece of paper to everyone you meet, because they'll have no way to contact you. Don't be lazy when it comes to keep your business card fully updated with the very latest contact details for yourself, your PA or at least someone within your company.

5.   Greed

The pursuit of material possessions, or ‘greed', as it is often known, can lead to business card designers being fooled into thinking they need to hire a high-end designer and get their business cards printed onto the highest-quality materials available. This is not necessarily true; if the design of a business card is great, and you hand it over with a smile, it won't matter whether it's printed onto recycled paper or a sheet of pure gold. Avoid greed and excess when it comes to printing business cards – sometimes less is more.

6.   Gluttony

Don't try and cram your business card with every method of contact you've ever amassed, or your entire working history since you were 16 years old. Keep it simple and pared back, include the essential details and do the talking yourself when you hand it over. Business cards are a method of exchanging details, and their design can often say a lot about an individual or a business, but this doesn't necessarily mean that your entire CV needs to be crammed onto a tiny card.

7.   Lust

Don't go handing out your business card to every person you exchange eye contact with. Handing out 500 business ca9rds to people you don't say five words to will never have as much of an impact as handing out 50 cards to people that you enjoy a short chat with, introducing yourself and your business and receiving a card in return. A business isn't going to go from zero to successful overnight, no matter how many business cards you hand out, so use them wisely and don't get carried away.