Business Cards by Santa Claus

Santa's got new business cards!

Santa Claus, a globally recognized persona of Christmas and everyone's uber-favourite gift bearer, unless you have been misbehaving of course…Once a year Santa comes around and spreads Christmas joy among many, but what can we learn from Santa's spanking new business card designs? Christmas Cards Santas Business Cards

You can print multiple revisions of one design

Historically, the costs associated with printing multiple business card designs have long outweighed the benefit. Fortunately in the modern day, with today's print advancements and economies of scale, this is no longer a concern for businesses of all size. It is more important to deliver expectation and mould consumer perception. Traditionally a business card was used as a contact card, in an age where mobile was barely in existence. Business cards are now used to drive a number of key marketing activities including lead generation, brand awareness and customer loyalty. What is most important is that your business card caters for the ever-demanding general public (not just your niche) and their persistent need for innovative marketing. The implementation of the web has blown the barriers to competition wide open and effective integration of your business card is now paramount. Even Santa has Elves (supposedly) working in different departments … maybe they need business cards too? Business Cards by Santa Claus In business terms, if you offer multiple services, it may be relevant to alter designs and carry out minor alterations to reflect each different area of the business. There is no longer a need for a one size fits all business card. This is typically done with a simple change of colour, or even an amended logo to reflect a particular area of the business.

Printing can be done at short notice

Festive Business CardsWe imagine Santa would probably give us a pretty good lead time given his busiest time of the year is pretty repetitive! But none the less even if Saint Nick forgot to order his new cards just days before the big day it's still possible to design, print and deliver those cards. We've never delivered to the North Pole but if we ever did, we're sure Santa would get his cards on time! Santa is coming Digital design and other technology have ensured that print collateral can be turned around in good time. If you have a need for seasonal print or responsive advertising, print is still an operable marketing channel. There is still a demand for physical marketing – innovation exists in print too.

The importance of a brand customer experience

Christmas BrandingMaintaining your brand across all your marketing channels is imperative to performance. Your print media and digital marketing should link up seamlessly. From customer loyalty schemes that include QR codes and link to mobile apps to individual networking and handing out your business card, you'll need to ensure your brand image and appeal is apparent online too – if you are driving individuals to your social media sites, ensure the same logos and branding are on view. If you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the man himself you'll be familiar with that white bushy beard and red all-in-one suit, so it's no surprise that his cards are dosed in red too. Santa Claus Saint Nicholas You need to ensure you understand the customer journey and what you are promoting – whether it is you as an individual or a company you represent. Does your business card contribute to business goals?

Less is often more – don't overdo it

Father Christmas CardsLastly, a picture can paint a thousand words. Some of the most effective business card designs are simplistic and driven by design. Due in part to media integration, they no longer have to be stuffed with information, but can act as a visual prompt or introduction to a brand that can be further discovered online. On our designs for Santa, you'll find the most iconic imagery to remind you of his service, such as a reindeer or his fluffy red hat. Over the years, the design of a business card has evolved dramatically, much like jolly old Saint Nicholas himself.