Innovative Business Card Ideas

Vivid business card designsAside from communicating important contact details, one of the prime functions of a business card is to be as eye-catching and innovative as possible. In a sea of replicas and lookalikes, it can be difficult to make a business card stand out as it should, but using a little creativity and imagination can go a long way. Here are some of the most inventive business card ideas from across the globe, with helpful hints as to how to incorporate similar ideas into any design.

1. Card Within A Card

One company which specialised in storage solutions and organisational equipment chose to make their business card design as effective as their product range. Their business card held all the contact details and information that a traditional business card should, but was constructed like a small pocket in which to store other business cards. The card had a function which ensured it would be retained by a larger percentage of recipients, and the innovative idea surely made many of those stand up and pay attention to the contact information on the front.

2. Throw Some Shapes

It is not recommended to veer from the traditional shape of the business card at first; they fit into pockets and wallets easily and they can be referred to at a moment's notice. But in an attempt to stand out from the crowd, some organisations choose to make their business cards into a puzzle, a game or a pop-up which can be completed in the recipients own time. A furniture design company from London held contact details on one side, and instructions and folds which turned the card into a miniature desktop chair on the other. Details like this ensure that the recipient will spend longer with the card in their hand, and they are more likely to hang onto them and display them in a place where they are easily noticed, like a desktop or shelf.

3. Think Literal

Many organisations use their service or their products to form the basis of their business card. One US-based company which specialised in acquiring scholarships for aspiring students chose to have their business card replicate a diploma, complete with a scroll and a ribbon holding it together. The owner of a fashion blog decided to make their printed business card resemble a clothing tag, complete with a bar code and a sleek logo on one side. Using these literal references can help a customer to remember what the business card represents more easily, and they are likely to receive an image of a highly creative and forward-thinking organisation which is willing to use a little imagination to get results. Innovative business card ideas can make a big impact