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Folded Business Cards - Increased Innovation & Versatility

When looking at staple elements of modern working life, such as a business card, it's amazing how much of a difference a very simple change can make. By just doubling the size of the card, and folding it in the middle, you multiply the available printing space on your business card, while maintaining its previous convenient size! In this post, we'll take a look precisely how much more versatility and potential folded business cards put in the hands of users.

Why use a folded business card?

When you consider the sheer number of ways in which the surface area of a standard business card can be utilised to display information, or showcase particular examples of work, it suddenly becomes clear that doubling the amount of usable space on a business card will have a dramatic effect on its impact when handed out. After all, if your business card is going to act as your first impression to a given individual, it stands to reason that you may want to say more than can be easily included on the front and back of a standard sized business card. If you desire more expansive designs, and twice as much capacity to hold your professional information, folding business cards are the perfect choice.

How many practical applications are there for folded business card?

The added functionality of a folded business card lends itself to a variety of specific practical applications, some of which are listed below. As with any canvas for creative design work, though, the possibilities are essentially endless!
  • List prestigious awards and clients
  • Collate positive feedback
  • Display a portion of your most acclaimed work
  • Provide a schedule so future meetings can be more easily booked
  • Collect a more expansive number of relevant contact details
  • Utilise novel over-the-fold designs
  • Include a map to the physical location of your business

Popular professional uses

Folded business cards have been put to use in a number of entertaining, imaginative ways by companies and individuals, across a diverse range of industries. The scale and functionality of folded business cards makes them ideal for use as a reward card, with the second page after the fold being an ideal place for a record of purchases to be kept. Alternatively, the space found over the fold can be left, to be used for personal touches, or more specifically, the placement of invites/reminders for upcoming meetings. Of course, you could go the even more creative route, and incorporate the fold and extra space into the overarching design of the business card itself; restaurants have styled their business cards as menus in the past; publishers as books, and so on. When it comes to customer designs, the sky really is the limit!

Types of fold

When it comes to folded business cards, we provide them in two main varieties; unfolded and pre-folded. All of the folded business cards that we create come pre-creased, making them a cinch to fold yourself. However, if you want to be able to hand them out immediately after receiving them; at a meeting or trade show, for example, paying the additional cost to have your business cards pre-folded may be worthwhile. In regards to the specific folds of the business cards that we create, we offer both long and short edge folds. In practical terms, this translates to a business card which opens either horizontally or vertically, depending on preference.

What selection of finishes do you offer your folded business cards in?

We offer a range of finishes and materials when it comes to making the perfect folded business card, broadly sorted into two categories: Premium and Luxury. Premium, while excellent in their own right, are the less expensive choice; and include our Matt 340 gsm, Matt 360gsm Laminated, Gloss 350gsm, Recycled 350gsm, Gloss 360gsm Laminated and Conqueror 350gsm options. Our Luxury option features a choice of even more extravagant, and necessarily more expensive, materials and finishes: Matt 400gsm, Matt 400gsm Laminated and Gloss 400gsm Laminated.

What quantities can I get?

We currently supply our pre-creased or pre-folded business cards in the following quantities: 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000