Are Businesses and Consumers On The Same Page When It Comes to Print Marketing?

Business Card Being Handed OutAn infographic by Bolt Insurance has revealed some differences in the way that businesses and consumers think about print marketing methods. 65% of consumers still place a lot of stock in the promotional materials that arrive on their doormats, whilst just 36% of businesses think that consumers value their printed materials at all. Many businesses are trying to force a move into social media because they think that's what consumers want, when in reality, consumers are still as enamoured with printed promotions as they always have been. Neil Forrest, Managing Director of CardsMadeEasy, a UK printing service which specialises in business printing, says, "Businesses nowadays are constantly told that print media is dead, and that they should all be looking to social media for their promotional strategies. This may be true, in part, but the consumer still trusts and believes in print media much more than businesses give them credit for. Many consumers have spent their whole lives trusting the advertisements that fall onto their doorsteps or are handed to them in person by a friendly face; it will take more than a surge in tweets and Facebook ‘likes' to convince them otherwise." Print media still has many advantages over digital promotions, with the aforementioned trust factor being one of them. When making important purchases such as houses, cars or holidays, there is a reason that many people still choose brochures and printed materials. There is also something tangible about printed promotional materials that consumers enjoy. Being handed a flyer, a printed business card or a glossy brochure still has an appeal over flicking through different screens on a tablet or smartphone in order to find the information that you need. Printed materials still have a higher chance of influencing purchasing decisions, when compared with online advertisements and those that are seen on television. Digital media and social networking sites, whilst popular and highly considered the future of all things marketing, is not the only marketing method that businesses should be using while there is still such faith in print. One of the best ways to solve the conundrum between digital and print promotions is by using a little bit of both. A large number of businesses are now using digital media to complement their printed campaigns, and vice versa, and the effect is twofold; those who use social media can access the advertisements, and those who prefer print media also receive targeted campaigns that are relevant to them. For more information about printed business cards and other promotional materials, visit the CardsMadeEasy blog: