Cards Made Easy Urges Self-Employed To Think Outside the Business Card Box

Business printing service Cards Made Easy is calling on the self-employed to think outside the box when it comes to their business cards, to help themselves stand out from the growing crowd. The number of people who are their own boss has soared to over 4.5 million, according to the Office of National Statistics, and the printing experts at Cards Made Easy are urging those competing to be noticed to make their introductions memorable with die-cut, foil printed, UV coated and rounded-corner business cards. The appeal of being self-employed is widespread – young people who want to found their own empire, mothers and fathers who prize flexible working hours, and older people who want to continue to work but be in charge of their own fate are all drawn in by the idea of being their own boss. But in an increasingly saturated market, it's growing tougher to stay relevant and make an impact. Cards Made Easy's collection of specialist business cards is helping self-employed people to impress new contacts all over the UK. They have everything from foil printed cards in silver, gold and other metallic colours, to die-cut business cards in every shape you could imagine. No longer are the self-employed restricted to a plain white piece of card containing their name and credentials – they're encouraged to think outside the box and design a business card that will really get them noticed. Neil Forrest, Online Sales Director at Cards Made Easy, says, "Self-employed people increasingly need to find a way to stand out from the crowd in a market that is overcrowded. Our printed business cards are a traditional – but no less effective – method of introducing oneself, and the special printing services we offer make them that little bit more special. We carry out UV coating, we use metallic ink, we can perforate business cards and round off the edges, all to create the design that will help the self-employed make the connections they need to succeed in their venture." Whether they're a mobile hairdresser or a magician, a tattooist or a tax expert, a dietitian or a decorator, Cards Made Easy has the business card to suit. Cards can be designed separately and uploaded to the site in a variety of formats, or those without the design credentials of their own can use one of the handy templates on the Cards Made Easy website, before going on to personalise the design with foil wrapping, UV coating, die-cutting or any of the other features that the printing experts offer. The introduction of digital technology has given many people the resources to work from home and be in command of their own employment. But not everything has to be exclusively digital, and many business people would testify that there's no replacement for a tangible business card.