Business Cards: What Is The Right Etiquette?

Business Card Being Handed OutAs a vital networking tool, it's no secret that a good business card can hold the key to success. In creating the right first impression, they hold the potential to construct an immediate reputation for any given business. However, the tricky bit is knowing how to use them; it's easy to hand out a business card that looks professional and slick, but this will not singlehandedly guarantee business. Luckily there are various tips to help the capacity of a business card expand, and by following some simple steps from Cards Made Easy it is possible to use these powerful networking mechanisms in a way that develops a strong lasting impression. Firstly, and most importantly, it is vital that stocks never run low. There is no worst impression to a client than someone who has simply run out of business cards. In many cases, it may even signal a bad practice in that it looks as though they have never had any printed, let alone be suffering from dwindling stocks. As a last resort, people will have to jot down details on a scrap of paper, and these are always going to end up lost in the recycling. Instead, don't be afraid to carry around a small pile, for it's always better to have too many than too few. It is possible to create an even better impression if these cards are kept in a card holder, forming a strong and professional impression that means business. Imagine arriving at a networking event and proudly pulling out a stylish business card, only to find it covered in coffee stains and torn at the edges. This will shatter all of the careful work that has gone into the design of the card, so keep them stashed safely to maintain the look. There are a variety of card holders available, and because they are extremely affordable it is always possible to shield a stash of cards from the dangerous world of dogs, children and tomato ketchup. Similarly, ensure that all of the details on a current stock of cards are up to date and correct. There's nothing less disappointing than building a strong contact, only for them to be unable to get in touch.  It is likely that the client will then look elsewhere and the connection will be lost forever, but with business cards being inexpensive and easy to arrange there's no excuse to keep details updated. Finally, there are various behavioral techniques that could aid the success of a business card. Remember that the road to business is a two way street, and so if someone asks for a business card ask for theirs back. This will not only build rapport, but also ensure up to date knowledge of other businesses around. It is even better if possible to throw a compliment their way, with anything from praising a great tag line to commending the design acting as great methods for building a good working relationship. Business cards are a perfect way to create a strong first impression, but in order to maintain a lasting impression it is important to also use the right etiquette. Without this, the carefully considered image could be shattered within seconds. By following these simple and effective tips, it is possible to construct a personality to go behind a business card, and this will stick in people's minds for much, much longer than the card itself.