Business Cards: Some Number Crunching

Vivid business card designsAround 27,397,260 business cards are printed on a daily basis across the globe, according to design site The Design Inspiration. Their insightful infographic, titled ‘Business Card Statistics' reveals some incredible figures about the world of business cards and their ubiquitous presence, their widespread usage and their future in the world of digital technology. Neil Forrest, Director of CardsMadeEasy, one of the UK's leading printing companies, supplying business cards and other promotional materials, says, "We all know that business cards are one of the most widely used promotional and networking tools on the planet, but the actual figures that state their usage and prevalence are always surprising. The fact that over 27 million new cards are printed every day across the globe shows their enduring popularity and their resistance against the digital revolution which has spread across all industries." The most common industries for business card usage include accounting, finance, sales, real estate and insurance, whilst those in the legal and medical professions also state their dependence on the simple method of communicating their contact details. All of these industries are ones which rely on networking, making contacts and being able to hand off important details to someone at a moment's notice, which makes the business card the perfect tool for each of them. All of the industries mentioned above are also relatively ‘serious' industries; their cards will often require a highly professional layout, with less of a reliance on eye-catching sales messages and more a focus on achieving an aura of authority and professionalism. The infographic also revealed that business cards printed and distributed in high volumes are still an effective marketing method. For every 2,000 printed business cards distributed, a company's sales is estimated to rise by around 2.5%. That is even taking into account that 90% of business card recipients will throw the card away within a week! The most common mistakes on a business card, according to the statistics, include not having a clean design, not making the contact information clear or obvious enough, having poor quality paper, and having an oversized card that will not fit into wallets or pockets. All of these are major business card faux-pas that should be avoided at all costs in order to create a business card that will perform its function perfectly. Lastly, the interesting array of stats culminated in some information about the world's most expensive business card. Costing per single card, the design took over 100 hours to create. It contains a triple-layer card, which carries an embedded fortune. This then links to a special website where the recipient could register to win a gift. The company behind it were a specialist high-end design company, so it was a great showcase of their work, but the costly price tag would put off most businesses from attempting something similar.