Britain Embraces Recycled Printed Materials

Recycled business cardsA new infographic from Cornerstone DM, with stats mined from BPif's leaflet, ‘UK Printing: The Facts and Figures', has discovered that Britain's print industry is highly eco-friendly and ethical, with around 66.6% of all printed materials being printed onto recycled or recovered paper. Paper with potential for future recovery makes up 14.4% of the figure, which demonstrates just how Britain has come to embrace all things environmentally friendly and ‘green'. Neil Forrest of CardsMadeEasy, one of the UK's leading printing companies, supplying printed flyers and business cards to organisations large and small, says, "As the world's fifth larger producer of printed products, a lot of pressure falls on the UK to make the right choices in their bid to become a more eco-friendly country. The statistics found in this paper indicate that Britain is moving towards a more ethical, eco-conscious society, with a willingness to use recycled paper wherever necessary nowadays. The figures are promising, and we at CardsMadeEasy hope that they will only increase as time goes on, to create a much greener Britain." Many people in the past refused to utilise recycled paper as part of their promotional schemes, for a number of reasons. They feared that their materials would not be of the same quality, they worried that potential customers would think they were ‘cheap' for opting to recycle, and they believed that recycled products cost more in the first place. All of these myths have now been debunked, it would seem. Recycled materials create office stationery and printed business cards which are of a very high standard. Where it was once perceived as sub-standard and a below-par alternative for normal paper, recycled paper is now of a very high quality and helps businesses to maintain an air of complete professionalism across the entire marketing range. Attitudes to recycled paper are also changing among consumers. Nowadays, consumers are more likely to choose a company for its ethical credentials, rather than assume they were trying to cut corners or budgets by recycling as much as possible. Using recycled materials nowadays is like a badge of honour for many companies, and consumers love to feel that they are also contributing to the eco-friendly efforts by investing their money in these types of companies. Lastly, the price myth is fading from existence. Price is no longer a factor in the choice between recycled and non-recycled materials; they are often just as cost-effective, but using recycled printed materials offers a much broader range of benefits. The vast majority of money which goes into recycled business cards, printed flyers and letterheads is often then invested into further environmental efforts, such as sustaining forests and laying down recycling infrastructure for generations to come.