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Unique Business Card Design Ideas for Your Business – Episode 4: Lawyers and Letting Agents

business card whitespace This week's episode of the CardsMadeEasy series focuses on two very different professions – the legal eagles and the letting agents. The design team at the printing experts have come up with some expert tips to help those in these fields design their business cards in a stylish and effective way – enjoy! Lawyers Lawyers and solicitors obviously need business cards which showcase their professional nature, as well as their credentials. When people are choosing legal representation, they need to know that the person they are consulting with is highly experienced, highly qualified and highly trustworthy. For this reason, lawyers who think they could mix things up with a creative, modern business card could be shooting themselves in the foot. The vibrant colours and funky graphics of many modern cards don't exactly portray an individual that you'd like to have on your side in a court of law! Lawyers essentially have two options when it comes to fonts, and just one option when it comes to colour schemes. Font-wise, they should opt for a traditional serif font, which gives the impression of trust and professionalism. Elegant, looping script fonts also convey an idea of status and intelligence – these are two crucial elements in legal representation, but unless they are large sizes, script fonts aren't always the easiest to read. Colour-wise, monochrome is the only choice. It's simple yet effective, it's elegant and professional, and it means business. Monochrome schemes say that the lawyer will get the job done without any embellishment, no frills and no fuss. Letting Agents Letting agents have a perennial problem in that society seems to have deep mistrust of them. They need a business card that makes them appear friendly yet trustworthy. They need to be forward-thinking enough to understand that wireless broadband and double glazing are twenty-first century necessities, but they need the traditional values of trust and value that many people look for in a letting agent. In short, they need a business card that is more personal than professional. Letting agents are not only renting properties, they're showcasing themselves – prospective tenants are much more likely to move in on a long-term deal if they think their agent is friendly, trustworthy, reliable and likely to stand by them should any problems arise! Putting a picture on one of these cards always helps – being able to match a name to a face is important in the world of property, where there is a lot at stake. Using calm colours that identify as ‘trustworthy' is important, too; blues and greens make a great choice, but violent purples and dangerous reds should be avoided. Demographic should also be considered – if the letting agent is operating in an area predominantly populated by students, working with properties with multiple tenants and young professionals, a fresher, more modern look should be used. If the letting agent works somewhere a little more suburban, with lots of families or older residents, moving families in rented houses with gardens and many bedrooms, they should choose something a little more traditional to up that all-important trust factor.