Unique Business Card Design Ideas for Your Business – Episode 4: Journalists and Joiners

SONY DSCThis week's episode of the CardsMadeEasy series focuses on journalists and joiners – two professions as disparate as can be. We'll be examining what elements people in both professions need on their business cards, from fonts and colours to shapes and overall look-and-feel. Read on for crucial business card advice from the printing experts! Journalists Journalists nowadays are different from those of yesteryear – they don't deal solely in newsprint, they're largely online beings in the twenty-first century. For this reason, they need to have up-to-date, contemporary business cards, kitted out with all of their social media handles and the various ways in which they can be contacted. They need Twitter and Facebook usernames, and they also need to include the contact details of the outlet they write for, whether it's the New York Times or a small trade magazine. Design-wise, journalists have to walk a fine line between professional and creative. Many editors will be searching for journalists that have a creative streak, but they also need people who will keep to tight deadlines and turn in the desired word count with minimal errors. Their business card needs to speak of a person who can combine the two, so choosing perhaps one daring element is more than enough. If you're incorporating a wacky colour scheme, don't make your business card a different shape to the rest. If you're choosing a unique font, don't go crazy with the graphics – toe the line between individual creativity and being a reliable, hardworking member of a workforce. Joiners Joiners are often self-employed and spend much of their time on the road or at client locations, working all over the country. As a result, their business card – like a journalist's – needs to have a myriad of ways in which to contact them. A mobile number, a landline number, perhaps the number of an assistant or someone who can take a message, as well as their social media details if applicable; these are all must-haves for the joiner's business card. The business of being a self-employed joiner often means finding a lot of work for yourself, and the market is often crowded, which means that finding a way to stand out from the crowd is important. A business card with a quirky-shape (perhaps shaped to look like a hammer, or another tool) would go a long way to helping it draw anyone's eye – those who want to take the plunge and do something really daring could even get their business details carved into small pieces of wood-effect material, to make it look as though they're handing out small, thin planks instead of the conventional old cards. There is always the element of trustworthiness to contend with in the joining industry. Clients will be letting joiners into their home, so business cards need all the hallmarks of a reliable individual. A portrait photo works wonders when increasing the trust factor, and overly bawdy colours and fonts should be eschewed in favour of something a little more professional-looking. There's nothing worse for a joiner than having a business card that makes you look like a cowboy!