Quality & Environment Policy

Our aim is to ensure that customer expectations are consistently exceeded, by fulfilling customer requirements efficiently and effectively in order to maximise the success and growth of the business for its employees and shareholders. We will do this through a determined focus on delivering best quality of product and service supported by a sincere commitment to the environment in pursuit of these objectives.

Our quality objectives are:

Star bullet Never to lose a customer, or any of their business because of a quality issue in any aspect of our relationship with them.
Star bullet To ensure that the % of customer reprints, not caused by Royal Mail loss, will be reduced.
Star bullet Ruthlessly implement systems to ensure that material costs as a % of turnover is reduced year on year.
Star bullet To grow profitability and turnover year on year by continuous improvement.

We maintain the highest standards, and judge our work as if we were a very discerning customer ourselves. This is the only way to be proud of our service and to maintain our positive competitive position. We monitor our quality objectives and standards through via our ISO9001 certified quality management system.

And, with our 'can do' approach at CardsMadeEasy, we make sure that we take environmental issues seriously. We are committed to minimising our environmental impacts which include our energy and water consumption, paper waste, and the use of chemicals for printing. These impacts are being continually addressed via our ISO14001 certified environmental management system. In addition, as part of the Carbon Smart certification scheme, we have been monitoring our carbon footprint annually and have made a commitment to reducing our carbon emissions.

We believe that good environmental management is about making steady and continuous steps forward. Therefore we will, wherever possible, set measurable targets to reduce ours and our clients' impact in three areas of our business:

Our environmental objectives:

Star bullet We will reduce and, as far as possible, eliminate all unnecessary paper, energy, water and chemical waste through waste reduction initiatives.
Star bullet We commit to reducing unnecessary chemical pollution.
Star bullet We will ensure that we comply with all the relevant environmental legislation, and will carry out regular reviews to make sure that we remain in tune with current issues.
Star bullet We will continue to improve our environmental communications with clients and suppliers via social media and in our newsletter.
Star bullet We take our clients' environmental requirements seriously so that they can trust us to use the materials and processes to fit in with their own environmental objectives.

Our environmental targets:

Star bullet Reduce our carbon footprint by a minimum of 3% from Oct13 - Oct14
Star bullet Increase our FSC paper usage to as close to 100% of paper purchased as possible.

We will make certain that this policy:

Star bullet Is known and supported by everyone who works for us.
Star bullet Will be available to our clients and anyone who is interested.
Star bullet Will be checked annually.

For more on our environmental policies, contact Neil Forrest on 0207 566 5090, or email neil@cardsmadeeasy.com.
Or better still, come in and see what we have done to work smarter and cleaner than ever before.