The Guide for Leaflets Printing Folding Styles

Learn the different leaflet folding stylesBefore you get your folded leaflets printed for cheap, do you know what type of fold you are going for? It depends on what the aim of the printed leaflet job is going to be and can make a dramatic difference. Leaflet printers don’t always explain.

130gsm paper offers the option for the cheapest leaf let printing marketing campaign whereas 350gsm means your leaflets will be on thick glossy card. Great for leaflet holders. So, if you want to signal high quality to your target market, go for the higher quality gloss. All types of leaflet designing are good for full colour photo reproduction.

Design a leaflet and you design a fold!

So, what are the folds here?

  • Cross Fold

This is sometimes referred to as right angle fold, French fold, A4 or A3 folded leaflet. The cross folded template for a leaflet has 2 fold lines and 8 sides. Booklet printing or printing brochure.

  • Tab Fold

Tab fold leaflets are available in flat sizes A3/A4 or in a5 leaflets. This style has 1 fold line and 4 sides. The tab can be a length of your choice. Perfect for budget printing.

  • Half Fold (Landscape)

Half fold leaflets are popular in the printing business with jobs leaflet distribution. They are available in flat sizes A3/A4/A5 and have 1 fold line and 4 sides.
This template for a leaflet may be called the following: half fold leaflet, leaflet folded in half, 2 fold leaflet, A4 folded leaflet (A5 4pp), A3 folded leaflet (A4 4pp), A5 folded lealfet (A6 4pp). Good for those leaflets A5 your business requires and great poster printing.

  • Half Fold (Portrait)

Although not as popular as the landscape half fold leaflet, this template leaflet has the same 1 fold line and 4 sides and in flat sizes A3/A4/A5. Leaf leting jobs with these are sometimes referred to as a half fold leaflet or a leaflet folded in half, 2 fold leaflet, A4 folded leaflet (A4 folded long ways), A3 folded leaflet or A5 folded leaflet.

  • Gate Fold

This is often the most widely used type of folded leaflet. In flat sizes A3/A4/A5. This has 2 fold lines and 6 sides, useful for brochure printing.
Gate fold printed leaflets may also be called window fold, parallel Fold, A5 folded leaflet, A4 folded leaflet, A3 folded leaflet.

  • Folded Leaflet – Roll Fold

Roll fold flyers in full colour have 2 fold lines and 6 sides in flat sizes A3/A4/A5. For great dig ital printing for brochures.
During your design brochure research you may see the names tri fold leaflet, 6 panel leaflet, 3 fold leaflet, parallel fold, spiral fold, tri fold, brochure fold, business letter, c fold, roll fold, barrel fold, A4 folded leaflet (DL 6pp, folded to 1/3 A4), A3 folded leaflet, A5 folded leaflet.

  • Folded Leaflet – Z Fold

These are presentation folder, usually come in a wide range of leaflet template with the option of lamination.
They are sometimes known as A5 folded leaflet, A4 folded leaflet, A3 folded leaflet.

As you can see there is more to the printing business than a printing service. Hopefully this guide will help you to decide which one is best for your leaflets. Have a nice fold!

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